Introduction to MARK's Roundtable
by Figure31 in collaboration with (GALLERY)

20/07/2022: MARK collection exhibition and sale (sold out) powered by (GALLERY)

22/07/2022: collectors have claimed the available ring sets

Recap + Details

MARK: 500 GAN-generated images of fingerprints expressed in the shared visual language of blockchain art aesthetics: pixelation. They are unique identifiers of a fictive digital identity, coupled with names generated from a list of shortened common surnames. 

MARK'S ROUNDTABLE: 42 sets of 5 rings, claimed by collectors who acquired 5 MARKs. Each set of rings is engraved with an ENS domain, an Ethereum wallet, and a private key. These sets form an unbreakable link between the digital and the physical realm, a trust bond between the artist and the collectors.

ENS terminology and documentation

Ring Sets

This next part is aimed at the collectors who claimed a set. First, thank you for your trust and patience during this process. Engaging with so many of you changes the usual dynamic of digital interactions. There's something extraordinary about sending a physical manifestation of a digital artwork to a specific, real-life address.

Once you've received your package, there are two different options. 

1. If you wish to keep your package intact and sealed for archival purposes, that is fine. I will share the relevant information of your ring sets (address + key) through a secure direct message. Every ring set has been photographed for archiving purposes. These photographs will eventually be airdropped to the members of the roundtable.

2. If you open your package and unseal the envelope, you'll find different characters engraved on the inner sides of each ring. Every ring is of the same size, 925 silver, manually engraved, unpolished. The rings will develop a natural patina and polish with repeated wear. 

Your set contains five rings. The first one is simply the identifying ENS domain of the ring set. The second and third rings are engraved with the Ethereum address associated with the previous ENS domain. The address is 42 characters long and divided into two parts. The fourth and fifth rings are engraved with the address's private key. The private key is 66 characters long and divided into two parts. The address and the private key start with "0X", so you can identify the first part of these two previously mentioned strings. Both address and private are easily differentiated by the characters' spacing and the engravings' length. To take control of the wallet associated with your ring set, you only need to enter the private key in your chosen digital wallet in lowercase. If you have trouble reading the engravings, feel free to reach out to me, and I will walk you through it. 

The Roundtable

It begins as an intellectual alliance of like-minded individuals who collect on-chain art. This group has no definitive purpose. Participation is not required, but it is encouraged. I will share with each collector a private link to join a Telegram group. 

Every member was airdropped a fraction of the roundtable's emblem. Each version is unique and rendered with a random dithering algorithm. Owners can freely transfer these assets and curate them alongside their MARKs in another wallet.

As the instigator of this roundtable, my contribution to this channel will be to present my creative process, discuss upcoming projects, and provide personal input on different subjects related to the arts. Every member is encouraged to do the same or contribute in any way they see fit. Being a descendant of the MARK collection, this alliance can potentially guide the future of the original collection in different directions. There is no telling how long this roundtable will exist. Still, due to the physical nature of the objects that bind its members, the lifespan of the roundtable is potentially infinite for as long as the ring sets are passed on to other individuals.

Introduction to MARK

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