by Figure31 in collaboration with ChatGPT

Smart contract address: 0x2C91D908E9fab2dD2441532a04182d791e590f2d
Uniswap V2 pair: 0x8ab0ff3106bf37b2db685aafd458baee2128d648
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Burned LP tokens transaction
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The REAPER’S GAMBIT is an on-chain conceptual artwork. There 999,999,999 $RG ERC20 tokens, no more can be minted, and all have been placed in a Uniswap V2 pool. The LP tokens have been burned. The smart contract was entirely generated with ChatGPT.

Once an address receives some token, they become non-transferable after 64800 blocks (9 days). Collectors must send their tokens to a fresh wallet before that period, or they will remain in limbo forever. No address can be used twice. The goal is to escape the Reaper for as long as possible in this marathon of death.

Use the "balanceOf" read function to know exactly how many tokens to transfer if you transfer directly with the smart contract. You can check when your wallet will be locked using the "KnowDeath" read function and then use this Etherscan tool to know how many days remain before you need to move your tokens.

This token is an on-chain artwork by Figure31. Please make sure you understand how the token behaves before collecting it. You shouldn't have any expectations. This token is an artistic experiment and should be treated as such. The smart contract is verified, but it is not audited. DYOR.

ChatGPT-Generated Text

Hear me, mortals! Forsooth, this contract, known as the REAPER'S GAMBIT, be a creation of artistic endeavour, born of an experimental nature that shall test the limits of your mortal understanding of time. The transfer of the token must be swift, every 64800 blocks to be precise, and each time to a fresh address, lest it be locked in the grasp of Death.

Only the creator of the contract has the power to grant immortality, only a specific pool and a router are allowed to cheat death. There are 999,999,999 RG tokens. None was given to any, and no more can be created. The code of this contract has not been audited, and the creator is unaware of any weaknesses that may be present. Thus, caution must be exercised when handling this cursed currency.

Be warned, for the Reaper shall come knocking, and thou must need to transfer the token every 9 days to a new address, ere it be locked away forever. Thou canst not reuse an address, once it has received a transfer its use again shall be denied. This project was brought forth with the aid of OpenAI's Chatgpt, but the true master behind it all is the Grim Reaper himself. Take heed, for it is not a thing of mere profit but a participatory artwork of a conceptual kind that doth require care in its handling.

There is a Goerli testnet version of this contract that can be found here. This version is non-transferable after 20 blocks instead of 64800.